Having trouble starting your golf cart?    Is it making grinding noises,  smoking a bit more than usual, or just feeling sluggish?    If so, we’re here for you!

Like every other vehicle out there, golf cart parts wear out, batteries drain, and tires go flat.  When those things happen you need a company you can trust to do the job right at a fair price.   We want Cornerstone Golf Carts to be that company!


Below is a list of repairs we perform on all golf carts.

>  Diagnostics and estimates

>  Repair or replace brakes

>  Repair or replace batteries

>  Repair or rebuild engine or motor  

>  Repair drive train           

>  Repair or replace tires

>  Weld most golf carts            

>  Any and all needed repairs

Give us a call today to arrange a time and a place that’s convenient for you.  (603) 210-2444.


We look forward to hearing from you!